About Us

Glory Sales & Service
Fight the Power!

Glory Sales and Service was founded in 1999 by Justin Kell. The Hollywood Blvd. showroom opened its doors on February 14, 2000. Originally conceived as an antiques store, we built our name on a strange mixture of 1950's home furnishings intertwined with Vintage British and American motorcycles. On any given day you could buy a 1960's Triumph flat track racer, a set of 1930's salt and pepper shakers and maybe even a stuffed boar's head. When we first opened, we decided to make t-shirts for the shop that looked like the advertising shirts made by 1960's MC shops. With a couple of dozen shirts and some silk screen ink, the Glory t-shirt was born. The response was great and the shirts sold out quickly. 

With the vision of expanding on the t-shirts, we decided to create a men's clothing line that emphasized quality American Made denim, motorcycle inspired racing sweaters and of course more vintage cut tees. We wanted to produce everything in limited quantities and keep the quality level as high as humanly possible. So in 2002, we partnered with Abraham Geisness and launched the GLORY UTILITY brand. We continue to make our apparel in limited quantities and sell to only a handful of select shops worldwide. 

Over the last few years, we've expanded the range of apparel and motorcycle accessories we offer in our retail store and online, adding respected brands like Davida, Lewis Leathers, Barbour clothing and more. We continue to seek out and add new emerging and established brands every day. As with our own Glory Utility brand, our emphasis is on quality construction and classic style, which for us is always the measure of cool.